Current Selections

Seasonal featured flowers, buds, and berries for our inspiration and your personal selection.

The freshest and most beautiful seasonal flowers are chosen to make your order, using our signature style and pictured arrangements for our inspiration. We may not have the exact blossoms shown on the day we make your flowers, however, we will create each arrangement to reflect the spirit of the designs and flowers you see in the gallery.

Priced as noted on each arrangement.


$175 Grande (shown) ~ 15”x12”
$135 Medio ~ 13”x11”


$240 Sublime (shown) ~ 21”L x 12”H x 11”D
$185 Grande ~ 16”L x 11”H x 10”D


$135 Medio (shown) ~ 11”x11”


~ A RWF Original container, each similar but unique. ~
$335 Sublime (shown) ~ 25”L x 12”H x 10”D


$180 Grande (shown) ~ 16”x14”
$135 Medio ~ 13”x11”


$240 Sublime (shown) ~ 28”L x 12”H x 11”D
$55 Petite Companion Piece* (shown) ~ 7”x7”
*May be custom ordered with any long and low centerpiece to flower your long table


$300 Sublime (shown) ~ 28”x14”
$225 Grande ~ 20”x12”


$155 Grande (shown) ~ 12”x11”
$125 Medio ~ 11”x9”


$95 Petite (shown) ~ 11”x10”

Designer Originals

$75 ~ $350

Gift Certificates

Robin Wood Flowers Gift Certificates for Classes, Fresh Flowers, or Custom Decor

European Hand-tied Bouquet
$75 ~ $150

Our portfolio is meant to inspire, show the kind of floral arrangements we love, and offer suggestions in design and price. You will never order by number at Robin Wood Flowers; we like to communicate with a client and design distinctive flowers especially for the person who will receive them.