RWF Unique Holiday Gifts

Robin Wood Flowers offers original designs and unique holiday gifts. Please call for availability when you place your order.
Items noted as RWF Originals and RWF Exclusives are available as custom orders.

Faux Magnolia Topiary Tree
Gold Touched Magnolia Wreath w Red Bell Garland

A RWF Original, tabletop topiary tree of faux magnolia leaves crowned with an anise star and seated in a hammered copper cachepot. A charming gift to last for years.
Approx. 18” High ~ $95   SOLD OUT
Our elegant faux gold magnolia leaf and dried huck wreath is a RWF Original, adorned with a bright red bell garland.
Approx. 24” wide ~ $150

Fresh Evergreens and Berries in Birch
Live Amaryllis Bulb in Copper

A RWF Original, lush winter greens and winter berries with cone sprays in natural birch bark cylinder. Equally charming on a dining table, buffet, or a breakfast room.
Approx. 20” wide x 10” high ~ $125.00   SOLD OUT
Live Amaryllis plant with stunning, long lasting blooms adds a touch of elegance to the season. Dressed with kiwi stems, cones, and preserved moss.
Arrives planted and in bud, for maximum seasonal bloom. $80

Faux Tabletop Lighted Evergreen Tree
Fresh Succulent and Berry Arrangement

A RWF Original, our lighted evergreen tree is dressed with dried cones and pods, lush red berries, and snowy vines. The tree stands in a smooth cement cachepot with our sweet feathered bird and a nest tucked into the branches.
Approx. 12” round x 26” high, dressed ~ $145.00
Our unique arrangement with succulent heads and fresh winter berry in a slim matte cast ceramic dish. A striking and long lasting gift of the holidays.
Approx. 15” x 5” ~ $75

Gourmet Virginia Peanuts Gift Box with Petite Arrangement

Fine Virginia peanuts from Virginia Cocktail in a luscious collection of Sea Salt, Cajun, Milk Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate wrapped in a handsome gift box with ribbon and berries.
Presented with a fresh evergreen and berry petite pedestal arrangement. ~ $110.00

Dressed Stable Lantern
Preserved Boxwood Topiary Trees

A RWF Original, charming five-sided wood and aged metal lantern, dressed with faux evergreens, berries, and guinea feathers, draped with a beaded glass pine cone. LED Candle included.
Approx. 8” wide x 14” high, dressed ~ $110.00
Charming preserved boxwood topiary trees in a faux stone base are a delightful addition to your decor to last for years to come.
Approx. 16” H x 14”D, Plain ~ $70.00;
Dressed with cones and velvet bow ~ $90

Mirrored Cachepot with Elegant Phalaenopsis, Succulents, and Berries

A RWF exclusive, our double-stemmed live blooming orchid is dressed with succulents, kiwi stems, and bright winter berries and
presented in a beveled mirror cachepot for a stunning gift ~ $120.00

Faux Magnolia and Pine Wreath
Paper White Narcissus Bulbs

A RWF original, lush faux magnolia and evergreen wreath with red berry sprays, natural pods and cones, then finished with a fine fabric ribbon for hanging.
Protected exposure recommended. Approx. 28” ~ $295.00
Live narcissus bulbs presented in an elegant mercury pedestal cachepot, dressed with petite cones and preserved moss. A lovely gift, blooming for the holiday season.
Approx. 11” wide x 14” high as delivered. Bulbs arrive before blossoms are present $78.00

Dressed Carriage Lantern
Gourmet Raw Honey with Petite Arrangement

A RWF Original, charming wood and aged metal lantern, dressed with faux evergreens, cones, berries, then finished with red velvet ribbon. LED Candle included.
Approx. 8” wide x 14” high, dressed ~ $85.00
A RWF exclusive, gourmet treats from Cloister Honey, dedicated to preserving the incredible flavor and healthful benefits of natural honey.
Presented in a gift bag and fresh petite arrangement. ~ $80.00

Preserved Cypress Wreaths

RWF Originals, preserved cypress evergreens are each dressed with their own ornamentation.
Available undressed, or with your selection of red velvet ribbon, handmade bells or faux gold touched magnolia leaves (not shown).
Each is unique and made to order. Call for custom pricing.
Small 12” diameter, undressed ~ $48.00; Medium 18” diameter, undressed ~ $84.00;
Large 24” diameter, undressed ~ $145.00